About the Journal

Journal of Applied and Research in Administration (JOARA) is a scientific journal particularly, in which the first publication is in 2024 and is focused on the main problems in the development of the sciences of public administration and business administration areas The scope of this journal is, specifically at Development Administration, Economic Development, Public Policy, Development Planning, Public Sector Finance, Service Management, Public Organization, Human Resource Development, Decentralization and Regional Autonomy, Leadership, Public Sector Innovation, E-Government, Management and Business Policy, E-Commerce, Marketing Management, Budget Management, State Company Management.

Title of Journal : JOARA (Journal of Applied and Research in Administration)
Frequency : 6 bulanan ( February - August)
ISSN : xxxxxx (online) | xxxxxxx (cetak)
Editor in Chief : Titha Mazya Moralitha
Publisher : Desanta Publisher
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